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This page will give you a basic description of the classes that we offer during our regular  school season. 

Creative Dance - a class for 3 & 4 year old beginner students, emphasizing creative movement.

B/T 1 -  a class for 4 & 5 year old beginners including 1/2 hr. ballet and 1/2 hr. tap.

B/T 2 - a class for 5 & 6 year olds including 1/2 hr. ballet and  1/2 hr. tap.

B/T 3 -  a class for 6 & 7 year olds including 1/2 hr. ballet and  1/2 hr. tap.

B/T/J A,B,C (Ballet, Tap, Jazz) -  classes which progress respectively for students ages 7 through11. These are combination classes -- length of class  varies by level. 

Levels D & E (Ballet, Tap, Jazz) -  classes which progress respectively for students ages 10 through13 --length of class varies by level. 

Lyrical, Modern, Irish, Hip-Hop, Tap and Jazz

Beginner tap, jazz, and Irish classes are offered for students ages 8 and up.  Lyrical and modern (ballet required) is offered for students in ballet level E and 3 respectively; Hip hop minis is for students ages 5 & 6, hip hop kidz is offered for students ages 7-9, with more advanced classes to follow for ages 10 and up.  The beginner classes do not perform in the annual recital at The Klein, but are showcased at an end of the year in-studio performance. 

 Classes & Levels
Higher level classes are offered in all disciplines. These students will be placed according to completion of the prior year's syllabus and/or the instructors' discretion.

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477 Main Street
Monroe, CT 06468
203 261-1347
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